Company Profile

Tang West Investment Ltd. is a professional financial services for private, corporate and corporate clients, including the financing of listed companies and the development of information services

We are committed to providing our customers with wealth management, investment banking and asset management services

Because we have established a good and close relationship with major financial companies, we are able to provide our clients with the world’s top financial and financial listing services. Because we are a fully independent consultancy company, we are not confined to any financial The company’s products and services, agents of Chinese enterprises to Hong Kong listed fund-raising.

We can provide professional advice to customers, more effective to find the most suitable for their investment and financial management program.

Our senior executives and partners are professional financial planners and members of financial groups, adhere to the professional spirit and integrity of customer service. Our experience in providing financial and financial management to our clients is very rich, especially in the development of financing projects. To ensure that customers can provide fast and efficient services, we attach great importance to team communication and cooperation. Unlike other competitors, we are working closely with our partners. From the beginning, we will meet with prospective clients to analyze, understand and determine the needs and requirements of prospective customers. We are relying on our well-known financial and financial companies to establish a good relationship of cooperation, coupled with our team of professional consultants on the market understanding, professional financial planning and analysis capabilities and rich experience in financing, we absolutely can provide customers with new Solutions that provide the best financial and financial investment they need to get the best professional service.

Service Area

IPO in Hong Kong

Chinese Companies listed in Hong Kong and fund raising

Alternative investment products